#FakeWeddingAlert: Ding Dong releases Snappin music video

There have been congratulations pouring out all over the web at what a number of people thought was the legit nuptials of Wiz Ravers and fellow Ravers Clavers clanmate Desha Ravers.

However BUZZ family, we have confirmed that this was not the case and it’s just a scene from Ding Dong’s new music video for the song “Snappin”.

There were a few persons who questionedthe wedding’s legitimacy, but for the most part, fans bought into the fairytale of new love. We here at BUZZ had a few questions too and they have been answered.

It was a musical affair for the Snappin’ music video (Photo: Snappin music video – Ding Dong)

The word snappin’ is quite appropriate now, as the world caught on to the initial news of the nuptials and ran with it. Some even got into fashion commentary, giving their critique on the “bride’s” choice of dress.

The happy couple (Photo — Instagram @desharavers)

Desha Ravers took to Instagram to promote the video and took a jab at critics by saying, “Fi all the critics dem weh love chat and judge”, which was accompanied by a laughing emoji.

She further went on to state that every dancehall video can’t be the same, some have to be different.

However, we are certain that this stunt was an excellent move to promote the video and the song beforehand because now everyone is busy Snappin’ with the video racking up over 59,000 views (*at the time of publication) on Ding Dong’s YouTube channel.

BUZZ fam, tell us how you feel about this latest publicity stunt?