Fans miss Queen Ifrica: Singer MIA on social media since September

It’s been almost three months since reggae singer Queen Ifrica was on social media, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed to her fans.

Queen Ifrica

The Black Woman singer had informed her almost 300,000 followers that she would be taking a hiatus on September 16.

“See you when I see you, love you guys very much,” her post read.

There hasn’t been a peep from the entertainer since.

“Weh you gone Fyah moma, we miss your positive vibrations bad,” said one follower.

“Hope you are okay. Stay safe the world needs that voice of yours.”

“Longing to hear your voice mama, the world needs to hear your inspiration.”

“Hi Queen, long time. I miss ur positivity talks.”

Another user encouraged the artiste to stay offline as long as she sees fit.

“Unplugged n off line is always needed for a time … Bless up yuhself.”

Before her hiatus post, Ifrica seemed to have a lot on her mind as she made five other posts that same day. Two were related to the then recently-held general elections.

“It Just Start Mi People Pay Close Attention same way, they are worried that the Silent Majority did not Budge in the lost election,” she wrote. “They worry when the people come together with One voice!!! #Brogud if I can’t Talk to you here I will walk come link yu up a yu workplace but some talking affi guh gwan,” she said.

The post attracted a ton of hate from social media users accusing Ifrica of being a supporter of the Jamaica Labour Party. She subsequently responded by declaring that she is only concerned with “people power”. Her hiatus announcement followed thereafter.