Fans react to Intence’s hair extensions

Dancehall artiste, Intence

Dancehall artiste, Intence experimented with a new hairstyle this week, and it obviously did not create the buzz he was expecting. The Dream Life artiste switched out his usual corn rows for long extensions which he styled in a lose updo.

He debuted this hairstyle in an Instagram post, and captioned the post; “tell craftman we full a techniques”. But his fans were in the comment section wishing he wasn’t.

“Wait mi neva see yuh pon mi kitchen floor dis morning mi confuse tho,” said a disapproving fan, who compared the new hairstyle to a mop.

“Buh wait nuh me granny lace wig dat??”, one fan teased. 

“A weh yuh fava wid dem garbage on u head,” asked another.

Another fan summarized what almost everyone else was trying to say. “Intence mi love yuh but dah hairstyle deh nah guh work out mi love,” he said.