Fans react to Tommy Lee Sparta’s leaked prison photo

Dancehall artiste, Tommy Lee

A leaked photo of dancehall artiste Tommy Lee in prison that’s making its rounds on social media seems to be doing wonders in discouraging youth from a life of crime.

The undated photo shows the Rich Badness deejay posing in a small cell with someone who appears to be a visitor.

But it’s not Tommy Lee’s signature pose nor the handkerchief that he’s using for a mask that immediately catches the eyes; it’s the walls of the very tiny cell. They are dirty and look like they haven’t gotten a recoat of paint in years.

Protruding from these walls are four concrete structures that appear to be bed, dresser, and kitchen in one. These concrete beds leave a barely breathable space in the middle in which Tommy Lee and his visitor stands.

On one of the beds, the feet of another prisoner hangover. Two of the beds are storage areas for a multiple of water bottles, and other items. While a futile attempt was being made to spread the other bed with pieces of clothing.

Tommy Lee Sparta posing in prison

And although Tommy Lee seems at peace with his abysmal living conditions, for people on the outside looking in, those very same conditions are reason enough not to go to prison.

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After the photo made its way on a few Instagram blogs, well, let’s just say the comment sections were filled with a whole lot of introspection.

“Then me could leave me nice clean bed to go live inna this, so no to badness people. Outa road nice bad,” one person commented.

“Lord, keep me on the good side of the law bcuz 🤮🤮🤮🤮,” another added.

“This a di only motivation mi ever need fi stay outta prison,” someone said.

“To all the rapers if you don’t stop this gonna be your new home,” another warned.

Tommy Lee Sparta is currently serving a three-year prison sentence for illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.