Fantan Mojah addresses death threats

Reggae artiste Fantan Mojah

Reggae artiste Fantan Mojah will not stop singing the songs he made “for the girls” simply because some people don’t like them.

The artiste recently revealed that he was receiving death threats because of the raunchy nature of the lyrics in his latest songs.

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And in an interview On Stage, he doubled down, saying he’s not taking those threats seriously.

“The same people dem weh seh bad today, dem seh good tomorrow,” he told host, Winford Williams.

He added; “And nothing nuh wrong with weh mi a do because a reality. Every man love a nice woman, and dem like when girls have on nice clothes and deh dem yard round dem doh? So mi nuh do nothing wrong, a reality mi a sing bout.”

Fans of the artiste have not come to terms with the dramatic shift that the Rastafarian singer has taken in songs such as Touch That Body. In this particular track, Fantan Mojah sings; “A my pumpum dat/ let me touch dat body baby/ come siddung pon mi c**k baby.

“Rasta man lost his way. Hope he will return to consciousness like the prodigal,” one fan commented on the video that has since accumulated a little over 18,000 views on YouTube.

“I just simple say I am not a fan anymore I would never played these kind of music in my car r nowhere!!,” another added.

But Fantan Mojah is not deterred by the criticism. “The few people weh a talk these things, dem know inna dem self, the whole a wi love off the vagina. So which man don’t like a vagina, which man doh like see a nice girl and talk bout a nice vagina?” he asked.

He says the music is resonating with the people it’s supposed to resonate with. “The people dem a dance and a full joy demself with music. Mi dancehall fans dem like mi wid it, it a grow Winford, it a grow.”