Fantan Mojah calls Mutabaruka a ‘hypocrite’

Reggae artiste Fantan Mojah has come out with some strong words for Mutabaruka, hitting out against a critique coming from the popular radio host and dub post.

Reggae artiste Fantan Mojah

In an expletive-laden tirade now circulating on social media, the ‘Fire King’ artiste can be heard chastising Muta and others for criticisms of him.

“Muta is a elder wah we rate from mawnin and we naw disrespect Muta, a that mi want oonu fi know. But Muta deh pon radio a say light fi drop inna mi head when mi a perform and call himself a Rasta. Come on Muta, memba a bare white girl you f**k inno Muta, you deh wid pure white girl”, he declared in the video.

Radio personality Mutabaruka (center)

The onslaught seems to stem from comments made by Mutabaruka during his popular radio programme criticising the artiste about his raunchy music video for Fire King which put Fantan Mojah in a contrasting view to his usual religious Rastafarian image.

Fantan Mojah added he is a real person who doesn’t partake in anything that is out of the way in contrast to what others now believe.

He even accused Muta of being a hypocrite, alleging that the radio personality should not comment as his lifestyle isn’t as reproach-free as he wants people to believe. He also alleged that deceased reggae icon Bob Marley had issues with Mutabaruka for sleeping with a former flame.