Fashionenira: Call her the ‘Denim Queen’

Fashionenira says she grew up around fabrics.

After being exposed to fashion at an early age, Devarine Mclean’s decision to go into the industry was somewhat expected.

“My mom is a fashion designer and instructor, so I grew up around fabrics and sewing machines. The fashion influence was always there,” said McLean, who is known to many as Fashionenira.

Fashionenira sports one of her eye-catching denim pieces.

Her professional experiment, as she describes it, started in 2013 when she operated a retail online boutique, selling vintage clothing. She would eventually open a physical store in Shop #15 Springs Plaza, Half Way Tree in Kingston, Jamaica.

These days, you can call her the ‘Denim Queen’, as she has been making waves with the fabric.

Denim shorts from Fashionenira are sure to turn heads.

“My obsession for denim began after I made a pair for myself and wore it to a party. I started getting a whole lot of compliments and questions as to where the denim was purchased,” said the 27-year-old designer.  

In Jamaica, her pieces have been worn by entertainers like Spice, Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett and Shaq Royal. Unwilling to limit herself, McLean wants to work with the likes of Rihanna, Cardi B, Beyoncé, City Girls and Megan The Stallion in the future.

McLean while being a popular designer, also has another side. She has a consultancy company called BizStart 101 through which she offers advice to budding entrepreneurs in whatever business they choose to start.

— Story written by Shania Hanchard