Feast your eyes on the top three cars from day 2 of the SEMA trade show

Day two of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, and again two of the top three cars for the day aren’t event inside any of the main halls.

A Mercedes-Benz G-class

First up was a candidate for the all-white is alright crowd, a Mercedes-Benz G-class. That itself would be enough reason to stop, but this is SEMA, so this AMG G wagon with its twin-turbo V8 has the widest body kit one could imagine. The vehicle is now so wide that the factory side exhausts have been extended and integrated into the kit. The flared arches are filled with Toyo Proxes high-performance tyres at a staggering 315/30ZR20. That’s 315mm wide, a 30 series profile tyre on a twenty-inch Rotiform rim. To top everything off, it’s dropped to the floor, literally, on air suspension.

Porsche Spyder replica

A few feet from the G-class sat two Porsche Spyders, clearly not the genuine items given the rarity and cost of the original, so these were replicas. Like twins, sometimes, one stands out. This particular 1955 Porsche Spyder replica took things in a different direction. Rather than simply copy the past, the builder threw in a twist that isn’t immediate when it’s sat next to its twin. The seating is now in the centre of the vehicle. Catching the eyes are the immaculate chocolate-brown paint job, the lighter coloured leather and tartan fabric-wrapped interior, the Toyo Tyres on classic Porsche Fuchs-inspired wheels, and the polished carbureted engine. Even with all that, it’s the classic gauges and polished steering wheel sitting dead centre of the car that impresses.

LB-Silhouette WORKS Huracan GT

Liberty Walk has been part of the over-fender craze. Sitting, less than quietly in the Rohana Forged wheel booth, is Liberty’s latest work of art, the LB-Silhouette WORKS Huracan GT kit. Based on the version worn by the factory race cars, the kit brings the look to the street. Made out of carbon fibre, the Huracan gets an even more aggressive look sporting the Le Mans racer Shark Fin running down the centre rear of the vehicle. Unlike the older Liberty Walk kits, this one no longer needs to be riveted on. Cost of entry starts at US$39,420 and ends at US$59,940. Installation cost not included.

— Article written by Nichola Beckford