‘Finish Her!’: Koffee fans hit back after Amari diss video surfaces

Grammy winner Koffee was the subject of a verbal attack by aspiring artiste Amari.

It’s a sad state of affairs when clout chasers allow the Internet to boost them so far they don’t know when they’ve crossed a line.

Aspiring artiste Amari took to social media to share her thoughts on reggae’s shining star, Koffee, and…it didn’t end so well.

“Koffee would really be lowering her standard to ground level fi come answer this wanabe artist.”

– Twitter user

The Neko singer, in a 45-second clip making the blog rounds, launched into a scathing attack on the Grammy winner; from comments about her physique, to her dressing and her sexual preferences, Amari left little doubt as to her true feelings towards Koffee.

She said the Rapture singer “nuh represent Jamaica” in a verbal tirade that includind her telling Koffee to “move over b***h, move over”.

Amari continued, “You don’t represent this country, this country has people like Cathy Levy and all dem hot gal deh, how the f**k we fi mek Koffee represent us? Yu nuh see how Koffee tough and look like a coffee?”

The unprompted assault included her threatening to “expose” the artiste.

The viciousness of the unforced comments did not sit well with social media users, who largely hit back at the performer best-known for her stint as the former lover of Gully Bop.

One users said, “Refuse to acknowledge the person talking about Koffee. Not replying to or retweeting the video.”

Another added, “see wah uno do? Mek amari feel relevant now she a dis koffee”, while a third added “like it was all funny an sh*t when Amari talking her shit but coming for Koffee…that’s where the line draw”

“No talent except sh*t talking, old enuff to be Koffee’s great grandma That’s Just pathetic”.

Many more added their thoughts to the trending topic, most noting that Amari, and everyone else, should let the artiset be and focus on their own lives.

While many said they want Koffee to address the blatantly “disrespectful” video, one user summed it up quite nicely. “Koffee would really be lowering her standard to ground level fi come answer this wanabe artist”