‘Fit Ras’… I-Octane now on a fitness journey

I-Octane has lost 14 pounds since he started working out a few weeks ago.

He calls himself the ‘Hot Ras’ of dancehall and reggae music, but I-Octane is now adding ‘Fit Ras’ to his title.

The My Life singer embarked on a fitness journey at the start of 2020 and has been taking fans along his voyage (from jogs, leafy green meals to motivational talks) through video journals on his Instagram page.

“I had to give away almost every single thing in my closet in December.”

— I-Octane

Speaking to BUZZ, the 35-year-old entertainer said that he received an eye-opening experience in December which inspired him to get serious about his overall wellness.

“I had to give away almost every single thing in my closet in December, all some things weh mi nuh wear yet cause dem cya fit me no more. I looked at that as a sign seh: ‘Yow, yuh need to do something’,” he said.

“All di likkle sweet tooth weh mi have and di sweets and things weh mi used to consume…and mi deh home and a watch TV and mi waan fi inna mi likkle comfort zone, mi just kinda cancel that and decide mi a go run every single day and change mi lifestyle.”

Healthy lifestyle

However, these weren’t the sole factors at play in I-Octane deciding to cultivate a more health-conscious lifestyle.

“A decade has passed, I’m getting older and we metabolism slow down when we get older,” he said. “Mi start see results already where mi lose couple pounds, like 14 pounds in less than three weeks.”

Jamaican entertainer I-Octane says he is serious about his fitness journey.

He added that while his overall goal is to be fit, he is aiming to fit into a size small.

“Mi waan go back a small, but if mi shot a medium that is good,” he started. “This is not just because of clothes and dem tings deh but because you getting older and your weight above your joints can affect your joints.”

He is already #FitnessInspo for many followers and gave some advice to those wanting to follow suit.

“Sometimes exercising can be rough and boring when a you alone a do it,” he said. “It’s important to make it a habit. If you don’t mek it become a habit, then you will fall back inna yuh old ways.”