Five cool iPhone features you should know

Our smartphones have many features that help make our digital life a lot easier. However, there are many features and settings buried within a maze of menus.

Today, we’ll look at a few iPhone features and hidden settings you may not have known existed.

These features work as stated in iOS 13.4, so if you have another version, they may work differently.

Timer kills the music

Do you ever fall asleep with music or a podcast playing on your iPhone only to wake to a drained battery? Well, your Clock app can help you with that. Instead of the regular alert tone to indicate the end of a specific period, you can set your iPhone to shut off all the playing audio.

Open the Clock App then select Timer. Select When Timer Ends and scroll down to Stop Playing. Now the Clock will stop all audio playing on your iPhone when the Timer runs out. Go on, try it.

Custom Quick Responses

We won’t accept all the calls we receive. Whenever you receive a call but can’t talk right then and there, you can send a quick message instead. But did you know you could change it to anything you want? Here’s how. Go to Settings, Phone and select Respond with Text.

Sorry, I can’t take your call right now.

You’ll have three options. Change them as you see fit. You could have a formal message for business-related calls and a more casual one for friends or family. Just remember which one to tap in each scenario.  

Custom Vibrations

Some of us have hundreds of contacts. And as we said before, we may not want to answer every call. There’s a way to tell who’s calling even without looking at your phone or hearing a ringtone. Your iPhone allows you to set custom vibrations for different contacts.

By their beats, you shall know them.

To do this, go to Contacts, then select the entry you want to customise, then choose Edit. Scroll down and press Ringtone, then Vibration. Scroll down to Custom and select Create New Vibration. Now Tap to create a vibration pattern. After you create your killer rumble, you play it to make sure you got it right. Save your custom vibration and give it a name. There, now you have a custom vibration for your contact. Oh, and it works for text messages too.

See your battery health

Apple got in hot water for slowing down older iPhones. According to Apple, they did this to stop phones from experiencing random shutdowns because of older batteries. Riiiight 🙄. Anyway, you can see your battery’s overall health in settings. Go to Battery, then select Battery Health.

See details about your battery. Image: Apple.

You see the current, maximum battery capacity as well as information on whether your phone is running at peak performance. If the overall capacity is low, you might want to replace your battery. Low max battery capacity means slower processor speeds and less screen time.

Remove single digits in Calculator

On the surface, Apple’s Calculator may look like a barebones app with no added features. For example, there’s no backspace button in the app. However, there’s a way to remove individual on-screen digits. Swipe to your right, and the last number will disappear. So now, you don’t have to clear entire figures when you make a mistake.

Now you don’t have to clear whole figures.

Plus, you can rotate the phone to landscape mode for a scientific calculator.

These are just a few features/settings you may not know were on the iPhone. There are a lot more buried features in iOS.