Flippa Moggela previews new music from behind bars

Flippa Moggela

Incarcerated dancehall deejay, Andrew ‘Flippa Moggela’ Davis is seemingly set to release some new music.

In a post to the Instagram account belonging to the entertainer, Flippa can be seen singing lines from a new tune. The footage was captioned, “Moggela new pre-release, “Earn Your Way Out” alluding to the song’s potential title.

Mogella, who went by the previous moniker Flippa Mafia, is currently behand bars in the United States since 2015. He is serving a 25-year sentence for drug possession. He was said to have been operating a drug syndicate between California and New Jersey. 

But prior to his conviction, the ‘Unfinished House’ artiste was known for his flashy lifestyle as an up-and-coming artiste. He was known for throwing money into the crowds as he performed. However, since his arrest, the artiste has maintained a low profile. His social media account is rarely active. In fact, the last post made to the entertainer’s account was in 2019 when he showed off his High School Diploma.

The track, Earn Your Way Out is seemingly an ode to his educational achievements as Flippa Moggela. “Well, I’m thinking for a change, focused on the victim. I’m rehabilitating; I’m tryin’ to earn my way out, earn my way out. I’m thinking for a change focused on the victim, I’m tryna cage my rage, I gotta earn my way out. Me already get my GED and my AA degree and my BA degree…” he sang in the 29-second clip.

Since his post, the incarcerated deejay has been receiving a myriad of congratulatory messages from fans and industry players alike. Using the comments section to express how proud they are of the entertainer, social media users encouraged the artiste to keep focused.