Flow Jamaica unveils revolutionary mobile device through ‘Project Rise’

For the first time ever in Jamaica’s communications history, Flow Jamaica has remodelled the typical “talk and text phone” into a revolutionised smartphone armed with contemporary smart features.

This is in keeping with the company’s drive to include more Jamaicans in the digital community.

On Sunday, November 10, Flow Jamaica in a media briefing held at the Boys’ Town Football Field in downtown Kingston, unveiled its new enthralling smart device to the residents of the surrounding communities.

Stephen Price, Flow Jamaica Country Manager unveiling the new device on Sunday, Nov 10

Stephen Price, Country Manager for Jamaica, was thrilled to make the announcement, where he noted that the company embarked on a relationship with Google to create a device never seen before in the country.

“We are changing the game again. Since April, we have been on a mission to disrupt and revolutionise Jamaica. In June, we announced an unprecedented journey of Hustle On.

Residents were out in their numbers for the launch of Flow Jamaica’s new mobile pilot initiative – project Rise

“Today, we are proud to introduce project “Rise”. A pilot programme which brings new possibilities through connectivity to groups of people who have been unable to take part in a digital era,” he said.

The pilot project is scheduled to run through until the end of December.
While it resembles a typical smartphone, Price believes that the company is able to use social media tools as a magnet to garner interest from the public to fully utilise the breakthrough product.

“We are changing the game again.. Since April we have been on a mission to disrupt and revolutionise Jamaica.”

— Stephen Price, Country Manager, Flow Jamaica

“We developed this device because it has similar features to the typical talk and text phones, which opens up persons to the world of the internet through the catchy kind of linking apps that would normally pull them in like YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp. The things that are trending on the phone,” he informed BUZZ.

In explaining why Boys’ Town was selected as the kickoff location for the product, he informed us that the community is a connecting point to other communities, and it allows them to reach out specifically to their envisioned target groups.

Stephen Price, Flow Jamaica’s Country Manager demonstrates the use of the new, user-friendly mobile device available to residents through project Rise

“Boys’ Town is one of those connecter communities. This Boys’ Town institution has its history. It connects so many communities, Denham Town, Tivoli, Trench Town — everything is connected in this centre,” he said.

Flow Jamaica had Santa Claus on hand for the launch of their new mobile pilot initiative – project Rise

“Even though this event is first and foremost our corporate social responsibility for our Christmas programme, the fact is, it’s an ideal place that allows us to test with several consumers who are elderly and consumers who are visually impaired and those who can’t afford to get onto the technology,” he added.