Floyd Mayweather sports a Yohan Blake watch

Boxing legend Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather seems to have a taste for the finer things.

He has bought US million-dollar cars, jewellery and a wide assortment of items that cost more than most people will make in a lifetime.

Mayweather posted on Instagram a photo of himself rocking the Richard Mille 59-01 Tourbillion Yohan Blake timepiece.

One of his loves seems to be for wristwatches. Mayweather was spotted recently rocking a Yohan Blake timepiece from watchmaker Richard Mille. The watch dubbed, the Richard Mille 59-01 Tourbillion Yohan Blake is said to retail at a cost of US $690,000. The watch is said to be a limited edition with about 50 pieces created.

The watch is similar to the one Blake was seen wearing during the 100m finals of the 2012 Olympic.

The Richard Mille 59-01 Tourbillion Yohan Blake timepiece retails for close to US$700,000

Mayweather took to Instagram to show off his timepiece and highlighted the price of the watch in the post.

Last year, the retired boxer shelled out US$18 million on a diamond-encrusted watch by Jacob and Co. The piece was dubbed the Billionaire’s Watch.