Follow My Lead: Friday Night Cru wants to take you on a journey

Friday Night Cru hopes Follow My Lead will be a hit. (Photo: Instagram @fridaynightcru)

The year got off to a heavy start and got heavier when March rolled around. However, Friday Night Cru could help to lift that load off your shoulder with Follow My Lead.

“It’s (song) an experience that takes your mind on a tropical vacation.”

— Friday Night Cru

The Jamaican rap and R&B duo (Dash D and KinDah) bring island vibe with the recently released track that features Ghanian American singer Amaarae and Jamaican artiste Tessellated, who is known for the 2017 hit Pine & Ginger.  

Follow My Lead has the perfect balance of flow, punchlines and descriptive imagery to mentally transport you to your ideal getaway spot.

Follow My Lead is more than just another record,” the duo told Complex UK when the song premiered last week. “Sonically, it’s an experience that takes your mind on a tropical vacation. In its purest form, it lends an idea towards escapism. We aim to transcend genres to bring our listeners a universal sound and Friday night vibe.” 

Tessellated is also featured on Follow My Lead.

And although their previous tracks like Fever, Date Night and Outta Control did not take off internationally, Friday Night Cru hopes that the island vibe and diversity shown on Follow My Lead will give them a worldwide buzz.