Food and Drink Festival Chopstix – Asian fusion done right

Jamaica Food & Drink Festival 2019 will mean many things to many people but one thing most agree on is that there are some dishes that will remain unforgettable. One such dish comes from Marcia Charlebois whose Weeping Tiger Beef with Seaweed Rice left me weeping.

Not a fan of beef on the regular, this dish has been the best morsel of tender, flavour induced sliver of red meat I have had in a long time. The Seaweed rice had the right balance of salt, starch and green roughage you needed in a dish that almost felt like a sinful indulgence.

Marcia Charlebois with her Weeping Tiger Beef & Seaweed Rice

Not to be outdone on being unique, the Mystic Thai Restaurant offered a hot creamy serving of Panang Lobster Curry with Jasmine Rice topped with crushed Roasted Peanuts.

Mystic Thai Restaurant

Nothing else was needed on your plate except a fork to dig in, as the dish was so much more than a run of the mill curry. This dish is one that would bring back memories of your grandmother if you grew up with her spending hours in the kitchen preparing it with love for her family. Yes, it was that good and memorable.

Popular Jamaican vlogger Rush Cam enjoys Panang Lobster Curry from Mystic Thai

The Bar stood out pleasantly – from its attentive staff to multiple offers of Johnnie Walker products. Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve, Johnnie Walker Limited Edition White Walker & Johnnie Walker Black, all available as mixed drinks – however you liked it!

Johnnie Walker bar

This year’s JFDF Choptix although featuring fewer options than years before, gave the perfect platform for many to shine and some to learn from their shortcomings on this year’s presentation.

With décor and music done right, this was the perfect example of a lyme. It had the feeling of being out with old friends enjoying good food and a good ambience.

My one suggestion for next year is ensuring someone offers soup or broth of some sort. It would be a nice addition before patrons start the rounds to sample food from all the booths. Until next year… Chopstix 2019 was a blast!

— Written by Attalia Harriman

Attalia Harriman is the Director of Operations and Product Development with Treadways Brands Ltd and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from UWI Mona. She has been writing a food blog since 2013 which eventually evolved into Treadways Kitchen Herbed Pepper Sauce. She is known as an avid foodie & connoisseur of wines and spirits.