Foota Hype thanks Marley family for help while in lockup

Foota Hype

Foota Hype says the Marley family was his biggest financial support while he was detained at the Krome North Detention facility in Miami, Florida from December to early this month.

The popular and controversial selector took to Instagram to extend thanks to those who helped him during his tribulation. Though his friend Kerry-Ann Townsend took the cake for handling all his affairs, Foota listed the Marley clan as the “financial giant”.

“Mi haffi big up first of all, Stephen Marley and Damian Marley and the entire Marley family,” he said. “Mi nah go tell unno how much money dem put or how much money dem gi mi so nobody nuh ask that… The Marley family never leave me hanging. As mi drop a jail dem start call round the world. Dem never know Kerry…but dem contact somebody and somebody seh a Kerry and dem nuh ask no question…money just reach, so big up the Marley dem.”

He also recognised singer Sean Kingston’s family for also helping monetarily, which he said came as a surprise as they are not close. This was a similar narrative when it came to Mr Vegas, especially because Foota took allegiance with Bounty Killer when they feuded years ago.

“This a something weh mi find weird. Da person ya a try link mi from mi just go a jail inna December and him nuh get to me til March. Big up Mr Vegas… dem seh yaa mad man, God go wid dem, big up yourself. Dem seh mi a mad man too.”

Foota explained he had no access to his bank account while in lockup, but still had financial obligations and needed money to buy food and make phone calls. Despite his pickle, he didn’t reach out to anyone for help because, “mi deh a jail, if yuh genuinely rate mi, mi nuh supposed to call yuh and ask yuh fi nutten.

Stephen Marley

He added: “When mi deh a jail mi a pay car insurance, mi a pay rent, mi a send money fi mi pickney dem fi Christmas, mi a do all kinds of thing. Mi a send money go give mi pickney dem a Jamaica because COVID-19 a gwaan and fi Christmas mi still waan feel like a father although mi nuh celebrate Christmas. Everyday mi lock up mi use US$50 or $60, sometimes mi use more than that a day pon phone calls plus commissary a one next thing. If yuh buy a snack outside fi 75 cents it’s $3.20 fi it inna di prison… So when yuh family or anybody deh a prison and tell yuh seh dem waan money fi commissary, gi dem if yuh can gi dem.”

He also thanked industry mates Kiprich and producer Linton ‘TJ’ White.