For the love of the uniform? Police-soldier love triangle triggers giggles on social media

Jamaicans are arguably the most territorial people on the planet, especially when it comes to relationships or reciprocal love interests.

Now, while I am in no way, endorsing the actions of one Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) soldier who shot a police officer he caught sleeping with his wife on Wednesday (Feb. 19) in Portmore, St. Catherine – the incident, while serious, has been the latest source of comic relief on social media.

A copy of the official complaint against Corporal Omar Williams was leaked on Facebook on Thursday, and BUZZ fam, the allegations are scandalous!

Fasten your seatbelts because this story is a doozy…

The fiery confrontation reportedly went down around 11:45 pm, at Williams’ Greater Portmore home, which he shares with his wife.

The yet-to-be-wounded cop, the wife’s colleague, had gone to the 7 East home to visit her and resume their secret relationship. Unbeknownst to either of them, Williams, already home, walked in, catching the two in a “compromising position”.

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Words were exchanged, and an enraged Williams pulled his Glock, slapped his wife’s lover in the forehead with the pistol before discharging a single round into his left shoulder.

The injured cop fled the heated bedroom in his birthday suit, getting assistance from a passing motorist who brought him to the Spanish Town Hospital.

While the damage is not being considered life-threatening, the officer, whose identity was not disclosed, was reportedly admitted in a stable condition.

Whew, guys!

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The story, while bearing the ‘good news’ of no fatalities, has divided Jamaicans on social media. One thing’s for sure, many Jamaicans have had their ribs tickled – astonished by the wife’s apparent love for the uniform, in whatever format it takes.

“Not a thing wrong with that clearly she loves uniform men,” one woman commented.

Another woman commended the wife’s valour, adding, “She brave… she have her own security force”.

Women were flocking to the story in droves as yet another retorted, “Her chest high she like men in the armed forces. She love gun”.

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One man, joining the online laughter, chimed in, “Something about a man in uniform to her. Leave her she have ambition”.

On the other end of the spectrum, whatever the reasons, some Jamaicans felt that the situation could have ended much worse and cautioned all parties involved to re-evaluate the relationship dynamic.

“She should be counting her blessings today. She’s lucky to be alive!” a woman exclaimed.

“Why would you take a next man to the house you share with your husband?” another woman asked.

“This is sad. Jacket (illegitimate children by another lover), STDs, guns, violence etc. I don’t get what some people get out of living like this. And guys, it’s best to just walk away instead of committing violent acts. You’re dating in Jamaica, be prepared mentally to get cheated on,” one man, adding his voice of reason, said.

Well, BUZZ fam? How do we feel about this?