Forget the booty, Jamaican women are flocking Vaginoplasty

Oh, my, God, Becky look at her…

You are wrong if you thought of a pert derriere. Jamaican Becky is looking elsewhere. It is the primary subject matter for most female artistes, and it may even be a bit of a cultural obsession. It is all about the ‘vajayjay’.

According to Dr Kemel Gajraj, vaginoplasty is one of the most inquired about surgeries even among nulliparous women (those who have not given birth).

So what exactly is Vaginoplasty?

In some instances, vaginoplasty is used for the construction of an entirely new sex organ for individuals with ambiguous genitalia or for sex reassignment.

Vaginoplasty is a procedure that is done primarily to reconstruct and or improve the vagina.

According to the top doc, the reasons for getting this type of surgery range from the desire to improve the look of the organ to some women wanting to improve the functionality of it. One of the big reasons women come for vaginoplasty is as a result of childbirth.

Gajraj said it wasn’t just about having a wider vagina, as the vaginal opening typically returns to normal after a few months; though admittedly in some instances, Gajraj says some things may never be 100 per cent the same again. The other big reason, he said, is correcting the issue of reduced orgasms which some women also experience due to a weakened pelvic floor after childbirth.

For some women who have given birth, Gajraj says orgasms don’t feel as forceful as they use to and so vaginoplasty can sometimes be used as a remedy to correct that.

While functionality is a big reason, some women just want to improve the look. Who looks down there except the person you are being intimate with, right? Wrong. It turns out that the camel toe effect is a winning look. In medical terms, labiaplasties are hit.

While in North America everyone wants to hide their camel toe, in Jamaica it is okay to come from “buff bay”

Dr Gajraj said it is very common practice for excess fat from other parts of the body to be transferred into the lips to create the camel toe effect.

It is also an effect that is swelling in popularity, as it is also big in the underground economy, with reports of fake doctors practising labiaplasties in areas such as Portmore and downtown Kingston.

However, Dr Gajraj warned that due to the risk of superinfection that some vaginoplasty surgeries carry, women are urged to use only licensed surgeons to execute such a procedure.

Written by Denieca-Alexia Daniels