Freddie McGregor rocks Live at the Estate

Freddie McGregor unleashed his catalogue on his music-hungry audience.

What was a ‘test run’ could possibly become a series. Live at the Estate, featuring veteran singer Freddie McGregor, delivered the goods and more, last Saturday at the Appleton Estate in Siloah, St Elizabeth.

“This was really the test and the feedback has been great. We’ll see what happens in 2020,” explained Telecia Lindo-Johnson, Marketing Manager at J Wray and Nephew Limited, manufacturers and distributors of Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum.

Appleton Estate tour

Beginning with the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience, patrons were treated to a tour of the Appleton Jamaica Rum factory. They learnt about the process of making the famous liqueur which has become a world-renown favourite.

The guests surely had fun during the rum lesson.

Social media influencer Mishonie Swack was quite upbeat about the tour.

“It was great, and I enjoyed the Master Blender’s presentation. I learnt something new, so it was really good,” said Swack.

Rum lessons

Master Blender Joy Spence kept class where she taught patrons how to make their own rum. The group was then taken on a tour of the facility and shown the different processes of making rum.

Ziah showed versatility with his instruments.

Singer and musician Ziah later thrilled the gathering with different interpretations of instrumentals on his violin. He showed his versatility by playing the guitar and belting out a few of his original work.

The climax

The day’s climax came with the performance of Freddie McGregor. The Big Ship captain could do no wrong, as he ran through several of his hits unchecked.  

See more pictures from Live at the Estate in the gallery below.

Stop Loving You, Big Ship, Just Don’t Wanna Be Lonely, That Girl (Groovy Situation) and Artibella had patrons singing along while enjoying their favourite Appleton Estate cocktails.

Up close with fans

McGregor shared that he is a lover of events of this nature where he can easily interact up close with his fans.

“I really like doing these concerts because it keeps you up close with the fans. They came for one thing which is the music, so you just give them what they want,” he said.

There was non-stop dancing during the show.

Lindo-Johnson shared the elements that made Live at the Estate a success.

“From the beginning of the experience, people enjoyed the tour and going through the process, and then they round it off with food and great cocktails. But Freddie did a really good job. He was feeling the audience, and they were feeling him,” she said.