FREE FOOTA? Social media users hope selector is OK

Followers of popular selector Foota Hype are flooding his comments amid speculation that the entertainer has been arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the United States.

A search on the official website of ICE’s detainee locator system reveals that a Jamaican named Oneil Ricardo Thomas is being held at Krome North SPC detention facility in Miami, Florida.

Inactive on Instagram

The DJ, who is based in Florida, has been inactive on his Instagram account for a few days, raising eyebrows among fans who are used to his viral live videos which usually stream at 1 p.m.

His last post was five days ago where he captured a moment at the Welcome to Jamrock cruise.

“As much as him tongue bother him, mi nuh wish this pan him still.”

— Social media user

The news of his possible lockup is muddled by the fact that the entertainer spells his name as ‘Oniel Thomas’ on his Instagram page.


Nonetheless, fans are hoping for the best in any scenario.

“Homie, I pray everything good with you cuz yuh nevah so quiet yet,” user HisScorpianQueen75 commented.

Nonstop2020 added: “Hopefully Foota get bail.”

The word has also caught wind on some blog sites, with award-winning producer Anju Blaxx commenting, “Jah Jah”.

Alicia Snowflakes said: “Hope everything works out in his favour. Foota a good youth.”

Foota Hype poses before heading to the Welcome to Jamrock cruise recently.

Ruffle feathers

Foota Hype has been known to ruffle a few feathers on his daily live programme, airing his unfiltered views on different topics in entertainment and politics.

Some users rejected the notion of this being his karma for being so politically incorrect – if the news is true.

“As much as him tongue bother him, mi nuh wish this pan him stills cause most times him chat facts,” said Lee Chyn.

As is the case with the Internet, there were the not-so-compassionate comments.

“Den how mi nuh see him do a live from the detention centre?” asked Paul Best Deal Jones.

Monefaa added: “Hope them keep him.”

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