Frenchmen Climax: An epic start to the New Year

Setting the mood for 2020, the twenty-seventh staging of Frenchmen Climax delivered an unimaginable experience to kickstart 2020.

Recognised as one of Jamaica’s highly anticipated premier all-inclusive events, the New Year’s fete was staged at the Caymanas Golf Course in St. Catherine on Wednesday, January 1.

It was a blend of fun, fashion, food and musical hits, which plunged partiers into an enchanting fantasy land. Patrons were greeted by refreshing mimosas on entry and an extravagant top tier décor of jewels, chandeliers and a red carpet, all of which brought to life a magical kingdom.

A fashion spectacle massacre, the event was unquestionably a stylish link up. Revellers took fashion to the next level, both males and females were eye-popping – decked out in their elegant pieces. Mastering the art of everyday fashion, the signature event was polished as a trendy met gala.

The aesthetics of the event were well put together from the entry to the bars and food court. Patrons had a wide selection of food and choices. The menu featured mouth-watering dishes that had patrons’ palates salivating.

The skilful deejays captured the attention of patrons who were thrown into a musical dimension pumping with several genres, providing an elaborate orchestra of tuneful jams.

The intensifying tunes complemented the highlight of the night, a colourful splash of the fireworks display that boosted the visual appearance of the event.

Delivering a scintillating, jaw-dropping performance, the stage was graced by Jamaican Reggae star, Koffee who had the crowd roaring. The international sensation gave a brief, but enthralling performance.

Sending positive energy, she charged the crowd to welcome the new year with an optimistic approach.

“If yuh ready fi ring in the new year, ring in 2020 and face 2020 with straight positivity and gratitude make some noise for me,” she declared.

Compelled by the ecstasy of the atmosphere, the Ravers took to the stage to showcase their dance skills that had patrons delighted by their talent.

The beauties were in for a treat, they were kept cool and flawless throughout the night by an on-spot makeup booth that was staffed with professional makeup artists.

Patrons shared with BUZZ that they were thrilled with this year’s staging – a pleasing climax to 2019 and a great start to 2020.

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