Fresh and clean: Teejay trims hair

How you feeling Teejay’s new look?

Dancehall artiste Teejay has been making a few changes lately. He has shed the weight, rumoured to have left Romeich Entertainment, and most recently he has abandoned his signature cornrows for a more clean shaved looked.

The ‘Up Top Boss’ debuted his new hairstyle on his Instagram account and his fans were totally digging it.

“It’s the haircut for me,” one fan commented accompanied by multiple heart emojis.

“Gyal dem say the trim have a buzz,” another added.

“It’s the haircut for me bro,” someone said.

Teejay revealed his new hair cut while informing fans of that he’s currently hard at work on his upcoming album.

Important to note too that Teejay has removed all the old photos and videos from his Instagram account, so we presume it’s an all-round fresh start.

Teejay isn’t the first dancehall artiste to trim his hair after we’ve gotten used to his look. Last year, Popcaan shocked all of us, when he cut his signature ‘popcorn’ hairstyle in favour of a clean trim. He even made a song to celebrate his new hair journey. However, the cut life is not for the ‘Unruly Boss’ has he has started the process of growing back his hair.