Friday Night Cru drop new EP ‘Welcome To Friday’

Jamaica rap duo, Friday Night Cru recently dropped their two track EP called, ‘Welcome To Friday‘.

The duo comprised of Damani ‘Dash D’ Gardner and Djavan ‘KinDah’ Warner say the EP is designed to show them at their musical best, as they seamlessly blend rap, afro-beats and R&B.

“With Welcome To Friday we were looking at the best way to showcase our sound and vision to the listeners,” said KinDah, ½ of Friday Night Cru.

“We thought of doing a 5 song EP but believed a 2 song project would be easier for new fans to sit and listen to. We love both of these songs as they show the best sides of us,” he added.

The two tracks, ‘876’ (produced by Ramoon & Ransom) is intended to be a hard-hitting club-banger and ‘Come Gimmie’ (produced by Mozambique native, Trackmaster) aims at providing a road trip/car-cruise sonic experience with soothing vocals.

In addition to the tracks, they have released accompanying visuals which underscore the duos sound with beautiful people and landscapes – captured in and around Kingston.

“We really believe in connecting people visually as much as sonically with our music so we decided everything we did had to come with accompanying visuals, down to the artwork.” KinDah explained.

In creating the ideal experience for the project, the duo collaborated with a roster of rising local talent including, Anna Guthrie (Set Designer), Destinee Condison (Photographer) and Dacx (Videographer), to create the perfect atmosphere and vision for the project.