Fridays At The Devon cancelled?

The popular weekly Friday night session – Fridays At The Devon – has reportedly been cancelled. This follows a social media release today (Nov 11) from the event’s official Instagram account.

The initial post has since been removed from the page.

The announcement elicited a range of emotional responses from patrons who were bewildered by the sudden cancellation of the popular weekly event.

“Welcome to the world of DISLOYALTY !!! Guess all a we a haffi feel it at some point,” commented popular dancehall entertainer, Cecile.

Another user said “ Oh no sorry to hear! Your true followers will boycott them. So many BACKSTABBERS in the world. Hang in there Chad. you will rise again. Another door will open. Keep the faith. Xoxo.”

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The message regarding the cancellation was also posted by Chad Williams, who is reported to be the event’s owner.

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Interesting to note though, is that the event host, Reggae Mill Bar, have assured patrons that the popular Friday night party series is very much happening.

The event is widely known for its ability to attract people from varying backgrounds, its compelling beat and good vibe. It is one of the most talked-about events within the Kingston metropolitan area, with an entry fee of J$1000.