From Offset to on-set: Rapper makes NCIS: Los Angeles debut

Migos rapper Offset is set to add being an actor to his resumé, joining other rappers who have made the step including DMX, LL Cool J and Ice T.

The rapper is set to appear in an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles where he will play the role of an undercover CIA agent in the Sinai Peninsula.

In the episode, Offset’s character has been working for years in the region to embed himself with the local tribes by smuggling contraband so that he can monitor terrorist and weapons movement in that region.

Offset was expectedly excited at the new development indicating that this is one of his top experiences.

“My own fans are so excited to see me do something different,” he added.

The multi-platinum rapper also expressed his delight at not being typecasted, by being portrayed as a gangster or thug. Fellow rapper and member of the NCIS cast, LL Cool J concurred, noting that, “He’s completely away from all of that.”

Fans can look out for the new episode on March 1.