From toxic to BFFs: Notnice and Unruly Squid share why their relationship didn’t last

Dancehall producer Notnice

Producer Notnice and Popcaan’s sister Annalecia ‘Unruly Squid’ Sutherland go down as one of dancehall’s most famous couples, but the details surrounding their high-profile split were unknown until Tuesday evening.

The rarity of the two on Instagram Live was witnessed by more than a 1,000 viewers as they spoke about becoming besties despite their tumultuous history.

“Me and Notnice better off as BFF,” Sutherland said. “Before it did ugly, it was so ugly.”

“Notnice used to mek mi feel like mi mad, like mi delusional…”

– Unruly Squid

He added, “Me and Lecia cannot ‘gree… When we together, we war more.”

As BFFs do, there was a bit of trolling from Sutherland who called him a stalker as he was watching her Live though they don’t follow each other on the ‘Gram. Notnice poked back, saying she wasn’t smiling until he joined the stream.

She described him as beyond toxic, but said, “It’s so funny how the toxic turned to best friend vibe.”

He responded, “At least we can live loving.”

“A true yuh cya live without me inna life.”

“We stuck wid each other forever.”

Unruly Squid

The mushy maturity was short-lived as Sutherland said they only have contention when he doesn’t “cooperate”. He said the issue lies with her wanting her own way. It was clear that they wouldn’t be coming to an agreement, which spiralled into 45-minute discourse about why their relationship failed.

The recurring issue seemed to be infidelity.

“If you unhappy and the man unhappy, weh di man a go do?” Notnice asked. “Go a road and look happiness.”

“Yuh see why mi ever a tell yuh seh mi shoulda shot yuh inna yuh foot cause dis nuh sound safe,” Sutherland said.

Dancehall producer Notnice said he is the best thing to have happened to Unruly Squid.

She added, “When unno have unno good, good woman a unno yard and unno feel like seh unno waan go creep and do some things, unno never a go find somebody like dah woman deh.”

He, again, disagreed.

“Every woman feel like seh there’s never another woman fi di man and then baps di man just gone, have different woman, sekkle dung.”

“Yuh full a sh*t.”

“Yuh selfish.”

Sutherland admitted to being spoiled but said she has no issue making compromises. She said he made matters worse by lying about cheating.

“The hardest thing fi a man seh, especially you, is ‘I am sorry’… Me will ketch Notnice inna di act and Notnice a seh a nuh him. Notnice used to mek mi feel like mi mad, like mi delusional… You a wicked.”

He said, “Memba mi a di best thing weh ever happen to you, how mi fi wicked?”

“Notnice yuh mek mi feel like mi woulda run from man. Dawg, mi nuh think yuh know.”

He was adamant that men don’t randomly “misbehave”, and added that she shouldn’t have paid attention to the other women.

“Dem just want what is yours and cya get it so dem a seh, ‘Some way, somehow mi haffi mash up dis’. You now always a tek di bait.”

“It’s not a matter of me taking the bait. It’s a matter of you making them feel like dem can size up.”

They continued in circles which made him want a strong drink. He then recalled instances of her searching his phone which contributed to their chaos.

“Yuh know like after 15 seconds the phone screen lock? She see seh mi a drop asleep. She go suh and tap di phone then she count inna her mind to 14 and then she just touch it again… About 10 minutes a dat she do til she know mi drop asleep and tek di phone and gone.”

He was awoken by slaps and accusations.

“Gyal a text me bout ‘sex was great’… Mi get ketch red-handed.”

He detailed another instance where she got his phone code and spent two weeks in her Nancy Drew bag before confronting him with screenshots. She defended her snooping with his history of dishonesty.

Though they were throwing occasional shade, she assured folks that they are in a good place.

“Unno see we pon Live when we pass all a dem stage deh; vex stage, upset stage. Dis a just pure love and good energy… Me like di feeling of peace… Mi nav nuh time fi di war again right now.”

The exes are parents to a son.