From ‘Uptop Boss’ to ‘Slim Boss’: Teejay shows off new body

We might have to change dancehall artiste Teejay’s name from ‘Uptop Boss’ to ‘Slim Boss’ after he showed off his new body on Instagram on Friday.

Fans saw a slimmer Teejay in this photo that was posted on Instagram on Friday.

The entertainer shared pictures from a new music video, and immediately fans began talking about his obviously trimmer body.

“I like the transformation,” one person said on Instagram. “Babe u lose the belly 😍🔥 Sexy Yuh F**k,” another added.

A chubbier Teejay performing at Tarrus Riley’s event in December.

“Uptop you loss mad weight! Yuh look good man 😍😍😍😍 Looking good,” a female fan said.

Others also questioned what his secret was to losing the weight. We’re wondering too.

As the young people would say: “It’s a good look, Teejay”