Funeral for Bunny Wailer in two weeks

Reggae legend Bunny Wailer

More than two months after his death, reggae icon Bunny Wailer is to be buried on June 16th. Wailer will be buried at the Dreamland Farm on the border of St Thomas and Portland on June 16, the Jamaica Observer reports.

“Abijah [Livingston] called me to say that there will be a motorcade planned for June 15, with the burial planned for June 16. The directors’ meeting is planned for June 17,” said Carlton Livingston, a brother of Bunny Wailer and an executor of the Bunny Wailer Estate.

“I just want to see Bunny buried,” Livingston continued.

Abijah Livingston is one of Bunny Wailer’s sons.

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Wailer will be buried on a day that is of huge significance to the Rastafarian community. June 16 is the birthdate of Leonard Howell. Howell was a Jamaican religious figure and one of the first preachers of the Rastafari movement.

Wailer died in the Medical Associates Hospital in Kingston on March 2, 2021. He was 73.

The reggae singer had been in and out of hospital since his second stroke in July 2020.

Hailing from Trench Town, Bunny Wailer’s given name is Neville Livingston. He is a founding member of The Wailers, which included Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.

In 2017, the Jamaican Government awarded Bunny Wailer an Order of Merit, the country’s fourth-highest honour. The Government again recognised his contribution to Jamaican music in February 2019 with a Reggae Gold Award.