Future makes relationship with Lori Harvey IG official

Future shared this photo on Instagram, confirming that he and Lori Harvey are now dating.

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, try 25,000 if you consider rapper Future’s latest IG post which seems to confirm his rumoured romantic relationship with Lori Harvey.

The photo sees Future and Steve Harvey’s daughter getting cosy in a picturesque pool at a Jamaican resort, leaving thousands of followers shocked as the rapper rarely posts his love interests or conquests.

Father of six

The father of six children (by six different babymothers) has been living it up in the island over the past few days, and based on Lori Harvey’s IG stories, threw an elaborate birthday soiree for the 23-year-old which had celebrities like Jordyn Woods and Winnie Harlow.

Many eyes were glued to Lori Harvey’s page when she posted this photo on Instagram.

Despite the joyous festivities and Future making his connection with the birthday girl public, not everyone is happy. The rapper, who is not only known for his trappy music but ‘no cuffing’ lifestyle, is getting everything from the side-eye to “wrap it up” warnings.

“She bet not get pregnant: “Kendra Loren commented.

Kisha Lowe added: “Hope sis got that platinum birth control.”

“She’ll be preggo by yesterday,” user Lamond Kane said.

“Another single mom in the making,” said Roy Jackson.

Lori also confirmed her involvement with Future when she posted this photo recently.

Lori is a savage

Others came to Lori’s defence, suggesting she’s too smart of a player to be trapped. Just months ago, Harvey was rumoured to be with record executive mogul, Diddy.  

“Oooooohh she gonna break this ni**a heart,” said Sean Scott.

“Think like a man, act like Lori,” NY Bruce said, in reference to Steve Harvey’s book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.

Love Meles added: “And when she sh*t on his whole entire life the Internet gon have a field day with the amount of heartbreak he about to pour into his next album because Lori is a savage-savage.”

Has Future met his match? Will they end up riding off on a white horse, happily ever after? Will their story fizzle out by mid-year? Who knows, it sure is interesting to watch though.