Gamers fascinated with PUBG

This person plays PUBG on a mobile device

The popular action, military style, multiplayer game, Player Unknown’s Battleground or PUBG for short, seems to be the must play game for a lot of mobile gamers in Jamaica. 

The online multiplayer battle royale is a key element in the shift that is occurring from puzzles and other forms racing games, to what is being described as ‘shooter’ games.

PUBG’s loading screen

While Jamaicans tend to spend most of their time on messaging and social media apps, games such as PUBG have been making a major dent in their phone usage time.

PUBG can be accessed for free on your mobile device. A paid version also exists, where players can band together or singlehandedly play against others.

The game consists of players being dropped on a remote island, left to scavenge for weapons and resources in an effort to remain the last man standing.

PUBG is currently being played by over a 100 million people worldwide.

With school now out, there is expected to be a large surge in Jamaican gamers using the platform. Already, a number of young people can be found setting up teams online to deal with the challenges associated with the game. PUBG is said to be quite popular with high schoolers and those who attend university. 

The game continues to grow in popularity worldwide with recent news suggesting that some players have become addicted.