‘Gangsta Gyal’: Shenseea spits hardcore ‘gun lyrics’ in ‘Bad Alone’

Dancehall artiste Shenseea has moved from a positive Lighter to dark, hardcore lyrics in her new track, Bad Alone.


The song is unlike some of her previous releases including The Sidechick Song, Good Comfort, Sheng Yeng Anthem and Trick’a Treat.

And although she has proclaimed her ‘badness’ in previous songs, Shenseea went a bit further with Bad Alone, as she spits lyrics about her ‘gun’.

“Me is a gyal weh nuh fraid fi war, and mi nuh fraid fi buss gun,” she said in the song that was released on Saturday.

The music video was just as violent, as she is dressed in a sexy camouflage outfit while parading with a gun. The other females in her gang also had various weapons, including a machete and baseball bat.

There was even a scene where the entertainer shot another female. (It was fake, of course)

And although the song is rather hardcore in nature, her fans seem to be loving it, as it was viewed more than 78,000 times in one hour.

“Daam, I was waiting for the video 😭😩. she might be the queen of dancehall soon,” one person said.

“Sweet hardcore! That’s range….I love the flexibility she brings to the game…the baddest gal,” another added.

Meanwhile, the music video for Lighter, which she did with Tarrus Riley and Rvssian, has been viewed more than 26 million times since it premiered on YouTube in September.

In addition, Shenseea was featured in a music video for Boom Energy Drink that was released on Friday. An ambassador for the brand, she is being used to promote their new flavour, ‘Shockwave’.