Garmin Venu: A gamechanger for wearable tech

Photo Credit: Wareable

The Garmin brand is known for its fitness centred smartwatch offerings, boasting features geared toward the outdoor fitness enthusiast. Recently, the company unveiled a new addition to its line-up, the Garmin Venu.

Though designed with the same fitness lifestyle in mind, the Venu offers some interesting features for gym-goers to lure customers away from the Apple Watch 4 and the Fitbit Versa, its major competitors.

For the first time, Garmin has gone with an AMOLED screen instead of the LCD screens used before. The 43mm watch houses a 1.2” screen with 390 x 390 pixels. This should provide vibrant colours and deeper blacks for a pleasing visual experience.

Photo Credit: Garmin

The device has a circular watch face that will sit well with those who want a more traditional looking watch rather than the squares used by Apple for its product offerings.

The face is adorned with a stainless-steel bezel that matches the watch’s buckle that sits at the end of silicone straps. There are also two physical buttons on the device that, alongside the touchscreen, will provide navigation through the menus.

Fitness junkies will be glad to know that the Venu has built-in GPS and will not have to rely on the GPS from a compatible iOS or Android device. Garmin also claims the Venu can store up to 500 songs though official storage capacity wasn’t revealed. Songs can be download to the watch from Spotify, Deezer or Amazon Music. But be careful, as though the Venu has up to a 5-day battery life, GPS mode with music will see that significantly reduced to just 6 hours.

Photo: Credit Garmin

The Garmin Venu boasts a slew of sensors to monitor your overall health on a 24-hour basis. “Body Battery” and “Respiration Tracking” help monitor your energy levels and breathing patterns respectively, with the latter even monitoring while you sleep. The watch also has a “Pulse Ox Sensor” that looks at your blood oxygen levels to see how well your body uses oxygen. The “Menstrual Cycle Tracking” feature will help the ladies keep tabs on their cycles and even log physical and emotional symptoms.

The Venu one-ups the Apple Watch with Sleep Tracking, which (to date) Apple has not added to its smartwatch lineup. There’s also Hydration, Stress and Heart Rate Monitoring.

Where the Venu shines is in its on-screen work out animations that help with fitness activities like yoga, cardio and strength training.

The Garmin Venu is strategically priced at $399.99 USD, the same as the Apple Watch Series 4 with GPS. With its wide array of features, this smartwatch may truly compete in the sea of other wearables in a market where Apple is King.

— Story written by Renor C.