“Gelding” trends as Jamaican Twitter celebrates Father’s Day

When the word “gelding” trends on Twitter in Jamaica, it’s almost always Father’s Day. Scratch that, it’s guaranteed to be Father’s Day.

The Father’s Day celebrations often has a more humourous purpose in Jamaica.

The day of celebration and recognition for the men who have played integral roles in the lives of their children also has another purpose if you’re part Jamaican Twitter. Trolling.

The annual roast of the social platform’s childless men began early and in earnest today, June 21.

For those who aren’t aware, a gelding is a castrated animal, usually a horse, and, in Jamaica, is widely used to refer to a man who does not have a child.

While the exchanges were done primarily in fun, with barbs being traded back and forth between those with kids and those who prefer not to be puked on, there were others who just did not find the humour in the situation. They shared that it’s all well and good to have a child and to be fulfilled, if that’s what you want, however there are those who do not want kids. Ever.

Additionally, there are people who are trying and are unable to conceive. And we let’s not even mention the users who would rather not undertake the ongoing expenses of having a child, or worse, children.

Reproductive rights are a very personal thing, and we certainly believe everyone has a right to their own thoughts and ideals where those are concerned. As such, we won’t take a position on the argument of ‘geldings’ verus fatherhood.

Instead, we will share some of the tweets we think will bring a smile to your father, or give you reason to pause for a thoughtful moment as we wind down Father’s Day.