Gentleman and Chris Martin release second collab People

More than a decade after their first collaboration To the Top, German singer Gentleman and Christopher Martin are back with another number dubbed People.

The one-drop track is part of Kabaka Pyramid’s debut juggling project called Victory Rock

During a recent Instagram Live together, Martin said the collaboration was highly anticipated.

“We connect all the time cause you know me and Gentleman tour together a lot so we’re on the road together and people are saying, ‘When is the next one?’,” he said. “We never rush it so something beautiful came out of the wait.”

Both singers said they instantly connected to the rhythm upon the first listen.

“When you sent that rhythm I was instantly motivated and then the idea came to do it with Chris so it’s nice man,” Gentleman said.

Martin loved the rhythm so much that he has another track on the project, a cover of Erykah Badu’s On and On.

“It’s a solid production my bro and when mi listen to it every song a mi favourite song.”

The men commended Pyramid for producing a juggling project, a challenge being taken on by himself and other producers like Jordan McClure to revitalise the juggling culture. 

“Me really rate you Kabaka for producing juggling because it’s an ungrateful thing,” said Gentleman. “The thing has changed, nobody nuh really do it no more.”

Pyramid agreed and said the rhythm idea came to him during his last tour before COVID-19.

“The music kinda get very self-centered now and we give thanks seh ones have the power fi kinda control dem direction and do dem singles and we can all release we own music and thing… Unno well established inna reggae music and mi know seh both of unno get some big song from juggling over the years.”

Victory Rock has thirteen other Artistes for which he is grateful. 

“A mi first project and mi nuh know who did a go voice so mi just reach out to everybody and is like me just start get song and song… One time mi did a pree fi cut kinda two different version a di rhythm…but me a seh mi nuh waan change up di vibe pon the artists dem and weh dem did inspired to and it did sweet already.”

The Artistes look forward to promoting the project on tour after the pandemic.