German pop singer donates to homeless J’can who made a surprise cameo in her music video

German pop singer Lil Hanky Panky made a generous donation of clothing, among other items, to a homeless man, whose impromptu cameo appearance in her music video went viral on social media.

According to Lil Hanky Panky, she was genuinely surprised when people from her home country started sending her the clip, following which she made it her mandate to track down the homeless man.

Lil Hanky Panky revealed that she spent almost two weeks looking for the man who she finally found strolling on Ocean Boulevard in downtown Kingston on Tuesday (June 23).

The homeless man, who is known only as ‘Stamma’, seemed delighted to see Panky again, who came with several bags of clothing and food for him .

German Popstar reunited with homeless man who crashed her video shoot.

“Dear people, we found him after looking for him for almost 2 weeks😂 #reunited,” said Panky who shared a video on her Instagram showing that she had finally found Stamma.  

“Thank you for everyone’s support. We wanted to give a little bit back so Stubbs got some new clothes, and some dinero today,” she added.

The homeless man sent the internet into a frenzy as he was seen attempting to get in on the action as the German pop singer filmed a video for her latest single entitled, Sativa.

Stamma’s appearance seemed to be one of the highlights of the video shoot,  with the viral clip helping to create a name for the foreign singer, who many Jamaicans said they had never heard of  prior to the clip .

Lil Hanky Panky on the set of a her ‘Stativa’ video shoot on Water Lane in downtown Kingston.

23-year-old Lil Hanky Pany whose real name is Lilie Gorchkov first visited Jamaica in 2018 to study dancehall music, the former dancer released her first single Brand Me a Rebel in March 2021.