‘Get a job!’: Footah Hype blasted by social media users for dig at Protoge

Footah Hype

Footah Hype has a lot of opinions but it seems people are more than a little tired of hearing them now.

After reggae staple Protoge shared a photo of himself, hat-less and wearing a robe while sitting on a bathtub, it seems Footah Hype had some thoughts to share.

“Sir, why you always Inna ppl business? Get a job!”

– Instagram user

Hype reshared the picture to his Instagram page with the caption “Wah unu have fi say bout this be honest?”, seemingly looking to elicit a specific response from social media users.

However, the majority of responses to his post seem to have gone in another direction.

One person commented, “Confident man who is well secure in his Masculinity”.

Another was less subtle and replied, “So you screenshot another MANS picture (who is way more acclaimed than you are), and post him on YOUR Instagram to ask for the opinion of your followers (which includes other men)? His post is fine. Your post is giving me trapped in the closet and trying to make my way out. But you can come out instead on trying to project.”

A third shared, “The man closing deals that u can’t even fathom!!!!!!”

And yet another added, “Bumbocl**t dawg betta u just come offa Instagram. Everybody yuh u have a p***ycl**t problem wid! I dont have a problem with u because I dont know u but pawdi u post dem a get to mi now. U watch ppl more than old ppl wah nuh have nutten a do.”