#GirlDad: Romeich says he has a daughter

Artiste manager, Romeich Major

BUZZ Fam, Romeich Major now a Girl Dad!

The artiste manager and businessman revealed the exciting news on a recent episode of Odyssey By Yendi, telling host, Yendi Phillipps that he always wanted a daughter.

“Mi always want wah daughter and see mi get a daughter now, so dem inna trouble,” he said.

“I’m gonna have a beautiful daughter, and I’m going to be happy,” a grinning Major added.

Well, you should know that that interview was prerecorded, because in a post on Instagram this morning, Major informed his followers that his daughter was born.

“From you know me you know fatherhood is everything to me. Happy to share that I have a little girl 🤩,” he wrote.

He is already father to son, Xzander, and is a father figure to dancehall artiste Shenseea’s five-year-old son, Rajeiro.

He told Phillipps that fatherhood has changed him, and was the motivation he needed to make his business a success.


“I have Xan, and when I got him, that really turned me into a man. And den mi tell miself seh whatever I couldn’t have back then, because family did treat mi bad. So mi tell miself seh mi haffi just work hard and mek sure seh mi son can good,” he said.

His biological son, Xzander lives overseas, but Major said he always makes time for his sons as he believes that’s integral to being a good father.

“Fatherhood is all about love and spending time,” he stated.


He also went into detail about how the bond that he now has with Rajeiro first developed. And it first started when he had to babysit the five-month-old baby while his mother was recording songs.

“Mi even end up go buy di likkle playpen something dem because mi a seh dis boy everyday him deh pon mi table and mi hand and mi cya work good,” he said.

He added; “Mi remember all one day wi go down a Ruption a do har [Shenseea] first photoshoot and him up deh a bawl bawl and mi gi him bottle and she a seh mi a di only person she see him tek dem something deh from. Mi and him just grow together till up to now, nobody cya tell mi seh a nuh mi son,”

“Mi fall in love with him, and mi business wid him more than mi business bout har [Shenseea’s] work.

Major shared that the bond he shares with Rajeiro is one that extends to his mom.

“Even now mi tell her [Shenseea] seh ‘yow as much as me bring happiness to you, because you can do music and you bring an international ting to Romeich Entertainment now, him is still da factor deh.

“We a everything. Wi a family, wi a friend, wi good inna everyway. Like, if she [Shenseea] nuh good, mi nuh good, and if mi nuh good, she nuh good.If she cry, mi cry, if she happy, wi happy.”

He added that the same bond is shared with other members of his team too, referring to dancehall artiste Ding Dong as his “best friend”.