‘Give thanks’: Kranium shares blunt message on IG

There was no sugarcoating in the message Jamaican entertainer Kranium shared recently, as he encouraged others to be grateful for what they have.


While acknowledging that life can sometimes be difficult, the We Can artiste said it is important to stay the course and be appreciative of the beds we sleep on and the roofs over our heads.

“I was watching the news this morning and saw something that really caught my else. Yuh see from yuh have a bed fi sleep pon and a roof over yuh head, everything else yuh can figure it out,” he said in the Instagram post on Monday.

“Gwaan give thanks say yuh have a room fi gwaan s**k yuh gal breast inna and gwaan give thanks say yuh have a bed fi lay dung and gwaan tek f**k inna, my girl. And keep yuh r*** quiet and gwaan give thanks.”

And although Kranium did not state what news item he saw, his message was well received with most people stating that the delivery was unexpected.

“No mi never expect dat 😂😂😂😂 give thanks people no sah you nuff fi stay so,” one social media user said.

“I needed to hear this today @kranium thanks 🙏🏼 Bless up,” another added.