Give young people a chance: Twitter reacts to ministerial appointment of Mike Henry and Karl Samuda

Mike Henry (left) Karl Samuda (right)

On Wednesday, news broke that Karl Samuda has been appointed Education Minister. Samuda was given oversight of the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Information after Ruel Reid was forced to resign in March 2019 because of corruption allegations.

And while the country was till digesting this news, it was then revealed that Mike Henry was appointed Ministry of Labour of Social Security.

While the Prime Minister’s reason for the appointment of these two political veterans remains unclear, it was pretty clear that Twitter did not like it.

Many took issue with the fact that younger prospects were overlooked to give the portfolios to Henry who is 85 years-old, and Samuda, 78-years-old.

Some used the platform to advocate for a retirement age for politicians.

Others just couldn’t understand the Jamaica Labour Party’s reasoning.

People were especially critical of the government’s decision given the fact that an election is looming.