“God answers prayers”: Spice says she used to beg fare to take the bus

Spice with her kids

Dancehall artiste Spice no longer takes the bus to get around, but there was a time when she had no choice. In fact, there were days when the now proclaimed ‘Queen of the dancehall’ couldn’t even afford the fare needed to take the bus.

And as she recently sat at a bus stop with her family reminiscing on her past, she saw it as a teachable moment for her kids and motivation for her fans.

“I sat at the bus stop with my family and told them how I use to beg 4 of my friends $5 each in order to take a taxi or bus home. I remember how I use to pray that I’ll own a car one day, Now all I can say is God answers prayer when you work hard, have faith, and believe in yourself #HappyMonday,”

Of course, her fans received her message well.

“Yea spice god is good don’t stop doing what u doing mum ❤️,” one fan commented.

“U motivate me spice nuff respect love u girl,’ another said.

“Yea spice god is good don’t stop doing what u doing mum,’ someone else added.