‘God mi seh’: D’Angel says her hands are clean

D'angel, BUZZ Caribbean
Dancehall artiste D’Angel

Just so you know BUZZ Fam, D’Angel’s hands are clean. Meaning the Watch Over Me artiste is not involved in any kind of ‘obeah dealings’ whatsoever.

D’Angel made the disclosure in a recent Instagram Live, when a fan noticed the deejay sporting a pencil in her hair. A pencil is normally worn under the turban of a person who practices revivalism. These objects are said to induce spiritual possession.

D’Angel was not wearing a turban, but that didn’t stop fans from speculating that she was involved in the ‘spiritual world’. Especially following recent events when dancehall artiste, Spice was accused of practicing obeah.

But D’Angel ensured that she cleared the air.

“A mi hair mi ketch up, and this a di only thing mi cudda find fi ketch up mi hair. Uno nuh easy eno, uno believe inna some crap,” she said.

“See dem hand ya clean, mi nuh mix up inna bagarang. If God cya fix, nobody else cya fix mi cause yuh know she mi always a she God,” she added.