Google Pixel Drop: New rules, music controls and car crash detection

There’s good news for Pixel fans. Google’s second-ever “Feature Drop” is out for Pixel devices. The new update adds useful features that improve the overall end-user experience on Pixel devices.

So, here are a few highlights.

Car Crash Detection

Car Crash Detection

One of the most notable feature updates is “Car crash detection.” The feature is exclusive to the Pixel 4 and is as it sounds. Using sensors and technological wizardry, Pixel 4 can detect when users are in a severe car crash. The phone then checks if you need assistance and you can summon emergency services with a tap or by voice.

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If you’re unresponsive, the phone can contact emergency services and send your location and other relevant data to emergency personnel. Car crash detection is a critical addition to Pixel devices and will no doubt help to save lives. The feature is available for Pixel users in the US. It will roll out to the UK and Australian users shortly.

Pause Music with Motion Sense

Messy hands? No problem.

Motion Sense technology allows users to interact with their Pixel 4 phones without touching the device. The Project Soli radar system can detect your hand’s proximity with a variety of sensors. Now, you can pause or play music using your hands. You can use a tapping hand gesture, and the phone will pause or resume your music all without touching the screen.

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So, if you’re cooking, you don’t have to get your screen dirty, trying to stop the music and hear your surroundings. For now, the feature will go out to Pixel 4 devices in twelve countries including USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and more.

A schedule for Dark Mode

Step into the darkness.

Finally, a feature that’s not limited to the latest Pixel 4. With this new “Feature Drop” update, all Pixels 2, 3, 3a and 4 around the world will get Dark Theme Scheduling.

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The feature automatically switches from the light to dark theme based on when the sun rises and sets in your area. That means you won’t have to bother yourself with manually switching modes to avoid bright screens at night.

Table showing available features per device

New Rules

Setting rules is an exciting new feature added in the latest Pixel update. It changes device behaviour based on a set of conditions. For example, you set a rule that silences your phone when you connect to a particular Wi-Fi network or when you get to a precise location.

That’s excellent for people who forget to silence their phones in church or meetings. Thankfully, you won’t need a new Pixel 4 to silence grandma’s phone automatically. The update is coming to all Pixel 2, 3, 3a and 4 phones globally.

The Feature Drop updates add value to the Pixel experience as Google shows its vision for Android with fast, widely available upgrades that breathe new life into Pixel phones.