Google still wants to work with Huawei, despite US trade ban

Google is trying to get the US government’s permission to keep trading with blacklisted Chinese phone manufacturer, Huawei.

The company said it applied for a permanent licence to trade with Huawei ‘months ago’.

However, it is unclear when the US government will reveal its decision.

The Trump administration blacklisted Huawei in May last year amid ongoing allegations that the company is a threat to American national security. Huawei has denied those claim.

The ban has resulted in Huawei smartphones lacking the Android operating system which is developed by Google.

In response, Huawei has developed its OS update called EMUI 10. The company has also lost access to the Google Play store and is paying app developers a combined $1 billion to build apps specific to Huawei App Gallery.

Tristan Ostrowski, Android and Play Legal Director said Google is still focused on protecting its users’ security. “Our focus has been protecting the security of Google users on the millions of existing Huawei devices around the world,” he said.