Gorilla Glue Girl donates GoFundMe money to reconstructive surgery foundation

Tessica Brown, known as “Gorilla Glue Girl”

A whole lot of good is coming out of the whole ‘Gorilla Glue Girl’ fiasco. Tessica Brown, the woman who went viral after putting Gorilla Glue in her hair instead of hairspray, says she’ll give $20,000 of the amount she raised through a GoFundMe campaign to a foundation run by the surgeon who saved her hair.

The surgeon, Dr. Michael Obeng successfully removed the glue from Brown’s hair free of charge. That kind of surgery would have cost Brown more than $12,000 USD.

And now, Brown has found a way to pay Dr. Obeng back. According to TMZ Brown is giving back almost all of the money she raised through the GoFundMe campaign to Restore Foundation, an organisation that provides reconstructive surgery services to people around the world.

Brown had launched the campaign with an initial goal of $1500, to help her pay for expenses related to what she called “this unfortunate ordeal.”

She exceeded that goal and raised more than $23,000.