Gospel singer Tiffany Hall launches ‘Music and Me’

Recording artiste Tiffany Hall

Listening to Tiffany Hall is like cleansing the mind at a remote spa in the lush hills amidst the sweet sounds of chirping birds. This feeling is amplified when you experience the gospel singer live, which is now possible thanks to her new acoustic event, ‘Music and Me’. The filmed showcase premiered on PBCJ in Jamaica on Sunday, and is currently available on her Instagram page, @tiffanyhallmusic.

Joined by the Jah Beats band, Hall curates an inviting, ethereal space with candles and her peaceful vocals, oozing over a well-arranged set including the Christ-ballad Surrounding Me, Lost Without You, Warning, Sekkle and the groovy guitar feels of Thank You.

“It [coronavirus] slowed me down, not in a bad way, but in a way that allows us to better process where exactly our headspace is.”

– Tiffany Hall

“The responses have been amazing,” Hall told BUZZ. “Persons are commending the quality of the sound, how crisp it came through, almost like they were there. The visuals had a cinematography kind of energy…and also that kind of acoustic vibe where you felt like you could connect with me sitting in your living room. It felt so comfortable and relaxing…and I’m so humbled that persons can really love the work that I feel in my heart. It’s always a very beautiful feeling.”

The virtual event aptly coincides with the mounting online concerts hosted by artistes as a result of COVID-19. Hall shared that the project has been brewing for some time, and will serve as a self-promotional tool that will also be available to other artistes.

“The ‘Music and Me’ brand was really created way before the COVID time…” she said. “It was the main way of bringing the Tiffany Hall brand to the forefront, so we’ll be pushing it as an entity that can be launched on any TV station as a programme so other artistes can be a part of it… Similar to how you have ‘JussBuss Acoustic’, we’re gonna bring in that kind of vibration so persons can come in and express their music in any form. If a man wants to just come with a violinist and himself, that’s ‘Music and Me’ for him. If someone wanna come with a whole orchestra, that is their ‘Music and Me’. It will be an experience for each artiste to express themselves in their own form.”

Hall said the ‘Music and Me’ platform is one that she hopes will help to promote other artistes and their works.

Though the corona-induced quarantine has put a pause on touring and regular stage shows, Hall said the period has allowed her to focus on other things.

“I definitely have been doing more writing and I’m kinda happy for COVID in some kind of way. It slowed me down, not in a bad way, but in a way that allows us to better process where exactly our headspace is. Sometimes you have to take a step back because we get so busy, we forget to actually think about what we really want and so that opportunity I got to slow down, gave me so much opportunities to speed up with my writing abilities and digging more into my mind.”

Besides ‘Music and Me’, Hall also shared that she hopes to release an EP by the end of the year.