Govana rules with ‘Convo Part 2’

Dancehall artiste Govana confirmed he’s at the top of his game, releasing part two to his smash hit “Convo” on Sunday, May 3.

A screencap of ‘Convo Part 2’ with Govana (left) and the lovestruck Chris.

The song has been trending on YouTube and Twitter since its release and picks up on the mini-soap opera style of previous instalment.

It begins with the video’s lead Chris calling to tell Govana that he found a new lady love, with viewers quickly discovering Chris is not the ‘genna’ (womaniser) that he thinks he is.

In part one, Chris discovers he is being cheated on after answering his woman’s (Keisha) phone and talking with Govana.

Part two elevates the series, highlighting that during the breakdown of the song, Chris and Govana seemed to have struck up a friendship, with the talkative Chris sharing details about his new bae, Tasha.

In the midst of the second verse, Chris goes down memory lane saying “Mi nuh worry ‘bout Keisha dem, Keisha dem a loose gyal, mi find a gyal wah hotter”.

Leading lady and Chris’ latest love interest ‘Tasha’.

However, clearly Chris has not learned his lesson, as Govana confirms the accuracy of intimate details revealed about Tasha, which does not raise a red flag for love-struck Chris who shares that he really trusts her.

Govana then deliberates whether he should tell Chris the truth about Tasha who, like Keisha, is portrayed as a gold digger.

Like “Convo”, part two strikes a balance between music and acts as a form of social activism, as Govana, according Twitter commentary, rebukes women who prey on rich men.

However, not all the comments towards “Convo Part 2” have been favourable. One comment said there should be more of a balance as loyal women also get played, quoting Kanye West’s ‘Gold Digger’ — “And they gon’ keep callin’ and tryin’, but you stay right, girl. And when you get on, he leave yo’ [ expletive deleted] for a white girl.”