Grenada cancels its Spicemas carnival, again

Spicemas in Grenada will not happen this year, even if most of its population receives a coronavirus vaccine.

Spicemas has been cancelled for the second consecutive year.

That’s the position of the country’s Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell, who made the announcement today.

Mitchell told journalists, “I don’t see how we will be able to achieve 60 per cent [vaccination] by July, but even if we did, I think it will be a mistake to go and have a mass event because you will still have 40 per cent of the people who will not have been vaccinated. I don’t think it’s a smart thing.”

Grenada began its vaccination programme on February 12 as officials target getting 110,000 or 60% of its population vaccinated.

The island’s carnival celebrations were also cancelled last year amid the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.