Gully Bop making a comeback? Fans react as deejay teases ‘gospel tune’ on IG

Speculations are ripe that dancehall artiste Gully Bop may be making a comeback.

The rumour mill began churning after the artiste used Instagram on Friday (May 21) to tease a tune, which some have described as a culture/ gospel song. 

In the short clip, the now 55-year-old artiste, is heard making reference to the February 15 incident in which a woman who was gunned down inside a church in St. James.

“Remember time is short…Wah gwaan pon di earth yah…man a shot woman inna church,” sings Gully Bop who is seen waving his hands in a prayerful mood.

Though Gully Bop has not necessarily taken a hiatus from the music scene, as he has consistently released new material, his latest catalogue has failed to pick-up steam, with his newer songs failing to resonate with fans.

However, what appears to be Gully Bop’s latest tune, has fans talking, with many taking to the comment section to share positive reviews for the song.

“Bopbop good to see you back and stunting,” said one fan in the comment section.

“Bop at them just in how him feel the song ya know its a hit positive vibrations no one still nah bad like you 😉 natural vibes mi feel it to 🔥bless up,”added another.’

In 2019, Gully Bop complained to the local media that despite dropping new songs they were not getting any airplay in Jamaica but could only be heard in foreign countries.