Guyanese Eddy Grant takes legal action against Trump campaign for unauthorised music use

Guyana’s Eddy Grant has taken action against the Trump campaign team for the use of his single ‘Electric Avenue’ in a Joe Biden attack video.

Guyanese musical star Eddy Grant has taken legal action against United States President Donald Trump, and his team, for the unauthorised use of his song in a campaign video.

Grant’s team, in a release, says the Trump campaign’s use of the former’s 1983 mainstream hit, Electric Avenue, infringed on his intellectual property with its inclusion in the “derogatory political rhetoric” which he said “can only be construed at best as being wicked”.

Grant’s team issues a cease and desist letter, claiming the song caused “irreparable harm” to the artiste.

The song was included in an animated video shared from the personal Twitter account of White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Dan Scavino and set to “unflattering audio quotes” by Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, the release stated.

The singer’s legal counsel, Wallace E.J. Collins, issued a cease and desist letter to Trump’s campaign team stating that it caused “substantial and irreparable harm” to Grant and his reputation as an artiste.

Grant said he could not understand the unauthorised use of his music by the leader of a state that preached democracy. (Photo:

Grant said he could understand the abuse of his rights if it came from the “worst Third World nation” but not from one that preaches democracy regularly. “…I fail to understand however, that such an organisation dedicated to the promotion of the President of the United States, could so seriously abuse my rights as an artist, composer, arranger, producer and ultimately, the owner of these abused rights”, he said.

Collins also said the Trump team should “hold any monies arising out of or relating to your campaign and attributable to the infringing use of ‘Electric Avenue’, until “the matter is fully and fairly resolved.”